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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Great couple of weeks. One of the highlights was meeting baby Dylan (belongs to Chris & Miia of Halifax). The super duper little caper stole our hearts during his wee visit to London. Thank you Miia for doing the drive!

Kyle and Rebecca :-)

Mike reading to Lily and Dylan. Lily was quite patient with Dylan when he tried to eat her books.

Lily is all ready for her Easter Morning Egg Hunt. Connie set it up for the younger ones to be able to follow footsteps to eggs. Whalen found it too easy!

Lily and Cora comparing notes in the laundry room.

Lily and her super sonic puddles!


I love this photo of Lyle. He's quietly surveying the yard to see what work needs to be done before he starts his new job next week.

At 21 weeks pregnant I'm beginning to take the shape of a pear :-)

For years we've been promising Uncle John that we'd go bowling with him, and we finally did this past Monday!

Uncle John and Lily setting the pins.

Yeah - the two year old kicked my butt! And yes, my husband got three strikes on his final frame to edge towards victory!

The Szala-Pilon-Vickers party

Seriously - I go bowling just for the shoes :-)

The Children's Museum is always a great place to go during a day off school. On Good Friday they offered cookie and egg decorating as well as a viewings of the Easter Bunny.

Lily's hair is getting seriously curly these days!

Lily and Mike decorating her cookie

Lily is wondering what all the fuss on the other side of the room is about. Yet another great example of her 'stink face'.

Lily enjoyed visiting with Baby Dylan from Halifax. She especially enjoyed rubbing his forehead and calling him Fuzzy.

Chris and Miia's love ~ Dylan

Lily would run up to Dylan and 'tickle' him and in response he would give her a great big giggle!


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Congrats on the pregnancy Pam!
Cute photos!


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