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Monday, February 23, 2009

What a great month! Sorry for the delay but I'm in the final phases of my second semester and am working hard to make sure my students don't have projects due the same week that I have to have my marks in! I had an interview at the beginning of the month to be hired on as a full time teacher in French Immersion Elementary. I was told I had a very successful interview and they are now checking references. They interviewed about 60 people for six positions! I will know after March 15th if I have a full time job come September - yikes!

But between now and then I've got projects and assignments galore to create and mark - and so many photos to take :-)

Here are some photos from the past few weeks. Enjoy! PPS

Mike loves to BBQ. Here is a our pathetic little BBQ brush after a winter of use! We're eagerly awaiting the new stock of brushes to arrive at Canadian Tire.

Mike made five different types of wings for SuperBowl. He loves his wings!

For SuperBowl Mike made Lily and I deep pan pizza - yummmy!

I LOVE Mike's homemade pizza!

Lily and I on Feb 2nd - when Lily turned 2 1/2!

Lily and her Daddy

Smile for the camera, Lily :-)

Lily and I baking our chocolate chip cookies. Those on Facebook may recall my demise when I realized I used semi-sweet versus sweet chocolate chips. Mike and our friend David assure me that they were delicious!

Lily is trying to negotiate '8' cookies to snack on when they're cooked.

Lily is talking to Nana and telling her all about the cookies. She was successful in negotiating two cookies out of us :-)

Mom's stainglass workshop in her basement. She has designed and cut out my graduation gift. I'm looking forward to being able to hang it soon!

Lily is enthralled with books and puzzles! She enjoys playing with the ones in sets. She likes to line them up and count how many she got. She now counts up to about 20 without error and can count backwards from five using her fingers. She is a great kid!


At 6:07 PM, Blogger Jessica said...

Did Mike ever tell you about the time he had a 100 wing-eating contest at Earl's (I think it was Earl's... and I think Mike was there - it was the "Sirs"). Oh yeah - Mike got the extra-spicy wings. Not smart when there are 100 of them to eat. You should have seen the bones! Gross!

At 9:09 AM, Blogger benjibopper said...

congrats on the job interview and good luck with the outcome!


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