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Monday, December 01, 2008

What a month! Yes, we're all in good health! I have started a new term with my grade 6/7 French Immersion students. I did about 18 hours worth of report card writing and editing last week, over and above my time in class and prep after hours! Yikes! In any case, I'm now only working about 60 hours a week :-)

A few pictures from the past month :-)

Lily and Mike preparing dinner. They've got matching cheese graters...

I own(ed) one pair of jeans. Lily was having so much fun with them that she accidentally popped off its button!

This is basically how I spend most of my time.... This was especially true during report card season.
On November 19th Lily's daycare held an open house. We got to go and have dinner with her classmates and their families.

This past weekend we had our traditional Russell Tree Hunt! This year we had a few new additions as Connie brought her boyfriend Oliver (Oli) and his son Marshall (or, as Lily calls him, Marshmellow).

Oli and Cora.

The Tree Hunters...

Lily tasting the cookies that Nana made for the tree hunt.

Cora fell over and Lily leaned over to help her up but lost her footing!

Lily LOVES the snow! She is truly content to play in it regardless of the chill factor.

If you look closely, you'll see Mike holding a GIANT snowball chasing after Mackenzie!

Lily Szala at 27 months.

Andrea (my Godsister) and Lily

Mike and I for our 9th Christmas Tree Hunt together :-)

Cora and Lily walking with Nana.

I'm not sure what Lily is saying to her gingerbread man, but she is having a full conversation with it.

Hmmm.. I wonder what they're plotting!

Connie and Oliver

On Saturday we went to Coldwater (20 minutes north of Barrie) to help Liz and her family settle into their new home. Here is David and Lily playing dress up.


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