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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Happy 'Mike's Favourite Day of the Year'! Hope everyone enjoyed the extra hour of sleep (those of us who do the time saving thing). We decided last night that Lily was likely going to get up early so we'd take advantage of the early morning and go shopping at the 24hr Wal-Mart. Lily got up at 6:45am! So we got a good start on the day :-)

Lily is down for her nap, Mike's gone to the garden to harvest the carrots and Jack is doing the dishes :-) My cousin Jack is staying with us while he goes to school to upgrade some marks so that he can get into college next Fall. He's been a great roomie and Lily ADORES him so all is good :-)

For Hallowe'en Lily dressed up as a cat - complete with purring without prompting! Enjoy the pictures :-) PPS

Here's a picture that I really like that was taken when we went apple picking with the Cribbs'.

Mike had fun working on this year's pumpkin! Lily, Jack, Pamela & Mike.

Lily for her third Hallowe'en!

Lily with her daycare teacher, Ryan, and friends Isabelle and Bella.

We went trick'or'treating in our neighbourhood and Lily got to see many ofher friends. Here is Lily showing Chris her candy and Chris is showing Lily where the candy goes.

Jack took care of our treats while we went out with Lily. Lily was great at saying 'Trick or Treat' and Thank you!

Lily chatting it up with her little friend Edie.

Szala family on Halloween.

Our pumpkin.

Lily giving candy out to Kyle and our neighbour Ty.


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Lily makes a great kitty!!


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