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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Welcome to Part II of the Canada Day post :-) Lily and I had a great time tonight at the Canada Day Celebrations. I decided to forgo the fireworks as they're not ready until 10 p.m. and Lily doesn't like the combination of dark and loud noises :-) Most of these pictures are from my recent trip with our grade 7 & 8 students to Quebec City.

Breakfast chez Paillard on our last morning in Quebec City.

The souvenir I really wanted to bring home for Lily!

Pamela at 29 weeks

On our last night there we were treated to dinner and a 'dance' at the Manior Montmerency. Lt - rt are Tom (7/8 Teacher), Meaghan (Teacher-Librarian) and I (gr 6/7 Teacher)

A fellow teacher and I - Meaghan
One of the most beautiful natural wonders in Quebec is Montmerency Falls. On the left are the falls, above it the suspension bridge and to the right the stairs that we walked down (me at 29 weeks pregnant ;-)

A close up of the suspension bridge.

The Stairs!

The home that inspired the "Adam's Family" house.

We visited the copper museum where I was able to create little something for Mike :-)

Once upon a time, there was no electricity so what they did was build these little cellars along the road to keep the food cold. We had my kids convinced for a while that they were hobbit homes.

At the Bee museum we got to get up close and personal with the bees - yikes!

Ste. Anne Basilica - just gorgeous!

If you look past all the lights, you can see the Chateau Frontenac - from my hotel room :-)

Jeannine and I met during my first exchange in 1994 - happy 15th Anniversary :-)


This mural represents almost 400 years of Quebec history - really cool!

The week we went to Quebec, Maclean's cited this restaurant as a great place to eat - this is where we had breakfast on our second day.

I'm hanging out on the Duffering Terrace, just at the base of the Chateau Frontenac

I LOVE the street art in Quebec - this is one of my favourite pieces :-)

Lily enjoys her roller blades - for about 40 seconds :-) I think she just enjoys wearing 'wheels' like her Daddy.


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