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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

This is your last chance to check our seven week old, since in one hour she will be eight weeks old! Here are some great photos over the past week. Lily is wearing the white bonnet made by Aunt Lizzie. The photo that is kinda blurred is a Lily sneeze in action! The family shot is us in London apple picking (taken by the oh-so-talented six year old Kyle!). We've been trying to get a close up of her awesome tongue so that we can capture the sheer form of it - but without any luck! This past weekend Lily endured the three hour car ride to London - she was great! We were rewarded with a great visit with Krista and Ader on Friday night (where Lily got to sport her matching orange striped socks and outfit) and Saturday morning then we visited with David, Leeat and the kids Rebecca and Kyle with whom we went apple picking on Sunday! Then we went out to lunch and hung out at the coffee shop with Dean and Shannon. Who would have guessed that she was in the car for three straight hours from her look in her car seat! What a great weekend surround by some great friends! To make up for last week's lack of Lily photos - enjoy this week's selection! PPS

Happy Travels to Uncle Chris & Aunt Miia ! xoxo

Monday, September 18, 2006

To start off - we had a Doctor's visit last week and we're pleased to announce that Lily now weighs 10 lbs 7oz! That's 2lbs 2oz that she has gained since her birth weight of 8lbs 5oz on August 2nd!
What a great weekend! With over 470 photos to choose from, it was tough to choose only a few for the blog - but I think I've captured the weekend [But less than half of the photos are of Lily, Mom!!! -- Yes, it's all about Lily! What's the name of the blog? Baby Szala -- MS]! This was our last weekend at the lake for the season. Lily is a trooper when it comes to camping - she just loves to be cuddled and she loves the fresh air. Saturday we arrived at the trailer to see that Aunt Karen had 'decorated' it in celebration of Mom's 50th birthday. The bras on the trees are thanks to her and her desire to 'support' Mom as she turns 50! Saturday afternoon we celebrated Whalen (my younger sister's son) and his second birthday. In lieu of party hats they had fake noses - a big hit! We rushed from Whalen's birthday party to another party - this one was a surprise. Us girls had invited all of Mom's family and friends to join us at a restaurant in Markdale to celebrate Mom's 50th. It was great to have us all in one spot! To date our core family unit is 15 and counting! On Sunday we took Lily to Meaford to meet one of her four Great-grandmas. Grandma Pilon is my birth father's mother. It was a great visit and Lily was great. The busy weekend must have worn Lily out since we went to bed at 1:15 a.m. (her regular time is between midnight and 1:30 a.m.) and slept until 8:15 a.m.! Have a great week! PPS

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

We have a few interesting photos here. The first one is Lily today on one of Nana's quilts. Nana has a bit of an empire going with "Mary's Keepers." Most of the grandkids have one, and they have gone out far and wide.

Next to that, we have a bit of a comparison going. Scout is the fat thing next to Lily, not exactly sure of his exact weight, but it's above 20 lbs, maybe 30 labs. He's often referred to as "Fat guy," "Fathead", "Chunky Trunks," and all sorts of other derogatory terms, and he deserves most of them. He's a Maine Coon, a tempermental sort of breed, but he has mellowed in his obesity and old age. Now he's just a loveable old coot who likes his fat belly rubbed. He used to ignore Lily, but now he's quite fond of her, and will often come into the room when she cries.

We have a couple of sleeping photos, one in profile. Pamela has a bit of a flirtation with arty baby shots, and this was one of the one's I quite enjoyed, the "ear shot". And then there's the classic "hands up" or "completely out of it" shot on Nana's lap.

Finally, we have two Mom shots. Pamela is such a wonderful mother it's amazing, and to see her with Lily is simply awe-inspring (at least outside of 2am -- that's just tough to watch).

Lily is much more alert these days, and appears to be gaining a bit more control of her limbs. Her neck strength is growing day by day, and it's fun to watch her look around when she's on someone's shoulder.

The funniest thing is when we're walking her in the sling and she's asleep. She grunts with every step we take. Pamela likens it to a chainsaw motor being started.

Anyways, that's all for today. Look out for celebrity impersonations day, coming soon!


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

We're back online! I know you've been waiting for some updated photos of Lily so here you go! The photo of the three of us was taken the day Lily turned one month - Sept 2nd. The one with Lily having her hair brushed (and looking like a lizard!) was taken yesterday. The one with Lily in the laundry basket (it was a safe place to put her while we unpack the numerous boxes) is from Sept 4th. The one with Connie (looking great at 5 months pregnant!), Whalen and Lily is from Sept 2nd at the Lake. Then there is one with people (sister Liz, her son Joey, Mike and Lily in the car seat) is from August 31st. The one of Mike holding Lily and she's wearing a pink sleeper is from Sept 2nd - she turned one month! The one with her wearing a yellow sleeper and looking to the side (where the scratch on her head is very noticeable!) is from Sept 5th. Her sitting in the car seat was from August 31st. The one of me with my mom and grandfather (4 generations of Seabrooks) is from Sept 2nd when we were at the Lake celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Glendale Yacht Club. There is also the one taken on August 25th of Whalen - my two year old nephew - eating sushi our first night in Beeton. Then there is the one of Lily in her bouncing chair

The photo of Lily in a pink sleeper are her one month photos as they were taken on Saturday September 2nd. WOW - she's one month old! It's scary/amazing/awesome to think of the time that has flown by. Time can also be eerie - the second last weekend in August in 1986 I moved to Beeton with my family. The second last weekend in August in 2006 I moved to Beeton with my new family. Well it is getting late and Lily needs feeding. It's great to be back on line and we'll be sure to keep the photos coming! Be sure to keep the comments coming too! PPS

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Who knew moving was such a hassle! I'm at the public library for a little update - sorry no photos ~ yet! We've had some great photos the past couple of days marking the day when Lily turned one month (!) so we hope to be able to post those soon. Mom has asked that she have her house back in order by Friday so this week we'll be doing the final unpacking and hooking up the computer. Living in Beeton is great! A small community with lots of green space and friendly people. We just went to the bank to open an account for Lily and have learned that we need a birth certificate and a SIN card for her; we'll need to get on that!
All in all, life is good and we're really enjoying Lily! She has settled into some sort of a routine. Sleep between midnight and six a.m. for four to five hours straight then she feeds then she's back to sleep for about one to two hours. Then she gets up and her and Mike go for a walk while I either have another nap or do stuff around the house, or days like today I go on the walk too. She'll sleep and feed off and on until around 3 p.m. then she has about two hours where she is alert and cooing and generally hanging out. Then she'll nap for an hour or two. Around 7 or 8 she starts her nightly routine. She naps and feeds for 20-40 minutes at a time. Around 10 p.m. she gets really fussy and stays that way until around midnight. Mike then swaddles her while I have a shower and get ready for bed (no long than about 11 minutes - trust me!) then I feed her and Mike walks her to sleep and she's out for the night. That in a nutshell is life with one month old Lily Rosemary!
That's all for now, I really hope to have some updated photos very soon! PPS