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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

We've been getting some emails from folks wondering if Lily looks more like her mom or her dad. We've posted some photos from our own childhood for consideration. The two boys looking at each other are Michael (on the right) and his younger brother Christopher. The baby in the white flannel sheet is me. Who do YOU think Lily resembles?! PPS

Also, for your viewing consideration, we have one very happy baby -- by herself, with her Mom, with her Nana, with her Shadow kitty, with her cousin Joey -- and check out the Leisure Suit!! Dad is proud! MS

Happy Halloween! I've posted some photos of Lily in her 'scary' bear costume for you all to enjoy. We figured that we should get some photos of her early in the day just in case she decides to rebel when it comes time to go out tonight! I've also posted some photos of Lily this past week. She will be three (3!) months old on Thursday! This past weekend we had my sisters and their families over to celebrate my older sister's birthday and my nephew Johnny's 9th birthday - we had a lot of fun! This past week Lily has become A LOT more vocal. She coos and giggles and melts our hearts! She's also really beginning to recognize voices and faces. Last night she tried to make strange with Nana (yes, my mom that we live with!) but after a few moments she cooed and made all sorts of friendly noises. We're starting to get ready for Christmas as we have purchased our flights to Saskatchewan! We'll be there from 14 Dec (the day my younger sister is scheduled to have her c-section for their daughter Cora - so we'll miss meeting Cora :-() until 9 Jan! Very much looking forward to it! Must go now as Lily feels it is time to feed - can you hear her!?! I'm sure if you live between here and Toronto you can! PPS

Monday, October 23, 2006

Sorry for the long delay since the last post - we're still recovering from Thanksgiving! Lily had her first snowfall on October 12th! It didn't stick around long but made for a sweet photo! On October 15th Mike and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary. To celebrate we spent the day together and made a great meal. The photo of two happy parents and screaming baby in the living room was taken to commemorate the day! I've also posted a photo from our wedding day. The photo of Lily laying beside a measuring tape was taken at 0h30 on October 18th - as she turned 11 weeks old! The photos of Lily in bathtub are used to show how different she looks, just by changing the angle of the camera! She is constantly changing and it's just awesome to witness! This past weekend my good friend Christie (we met nearly 20 years ago in Grade 5!) returned to Beeton for a visit. She brought her girlfriend Jenny, and her 8 month old son, Owen (Christie's other three children stayed with their dads). Owen and Lily hit it off instantly :-) This weekend coming up we're celebrating Liz's 31st birthday, and wishing Grandma Brenda Szala a Happy Birthday from afar! Have a great week and we'll post more later - likely after Halloween and the birthday party. PPS

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Here are some photos from our Thanksgiving weekend! Thus far there are 15 people in my immediate family, soon to be 16 with the upcoming arrival of Baby Cora on Dec 14/06, so dinner with all of us is pretty eventful! Whalen is two and he LOVES taking photos - especially of Baby Lily! Scout is chilling out beside Lily - Lily is about 2 pounds heavier than the last Scout/Lily photo but she's still no competition for Scout! My good friend Michelle and her daughter Erynn met the crew at the park for some Thanksgiving fun! The painful photo of our wee family to the left (with Mike's grimace) is lovely, ain't it! I truly love the photo of the three of us on the slide. Lily really enjoyed her first Thanksgiving - we had a great turkey dinner. Lily was about half the size of the turkey! She seems like such a big baby until her place her beside a turkey or the cat!
We hope each of you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving! This weekend we're off to celebrate Connie's 27th birthday. Happy 29th Birthday Uncle Christopher! PPS

Friday, October 06, 2006

Two months old! We celebrated her two months by having her pose with the pumpkin that we will be carving for Halloween. The close up of her in the stroller is also taken on Oct 2nd. Lily surrounded by her teddy bears (including one that barks that was a gift from Bronwen from her recent trip to the UK) was taken on October 1st. Lily had a Dr's appointment this past week ~she's in great health! Her head measures in the 50th percentile (this is great because it means that her head is proportionate to her body!) and she weighs in at 11lbs13oz! She has gained one pound and 6 ounces since September 17th! On average she should gain about two pounds per month for the next six months. She also had her two month needles of which she merely tolerated! This past week was filled with visiting. We visited with Sylvia Lang of Regina while she was in Toronto last week (Lily and the lady in black sweater), we also visited the 7 month pregnant Donna (lady in striped shirt), and we visited with Daniel and Jennifer when we had dinner with them. The big visit this past week was when we went to the park with my older sister Elizabeth and her four children (Johnathan, 8; Katie (who has lost yet another tooth!), 7; David, 3 and Joseph (Jojo), almost 16 months). We had a wonderful day enjoying the amazing Ontario autumn! We collected leaves and created a pile for the kids to jump in. Lily was napping when we put her on the pile for her photo. She is wearing the hat and mittens lovingly made by her Great-Grandma Wolfe! We're looking forward to our first Thanksgiving this weekend! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! PPS