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Friday, March 30, 2007

Lily has started to push herself backwards. The funny part is that she HATES being on her tummy so every time she pushes herself back, she faces the floor and yells. Then she starts all over alternating with a yell then a squeal for being able to move. Rather humorous!

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Hello all! Lily is down for her morning nap so I figured I'd take the time to update you on our week. Lily is growing up so fast! This week she started accepting a sippy cup. So far we've just added water, but she'll soon advance to her juices!

On Monday, Connie & Cora, Lily & I went to get photos done as this week Lily turns 8 months and Cora turns 4 months so this will be the only time that Lily is twice Cora's age. It's also great Easter photo time! Here is Lily playing hide and seek with the dresses we're trying on her.
We started Lily on 'real food' this week! Our plan is to make her food in lieu of store bought goods. Here is Mike making her fresh green beans.

The green beans went well at the beginning. No real fuss just curiosity.

The great thing with Lily is that she lets us know when she is done :-)

This week was Lily's first swim lesson. They're Wednesday mornings so sometimes Mike will be able to come out with us. Mike took the first lesson as I was the official photographer. There are seven kids in total in the class all under four years old.

Here's Lily's first dunk!

Cora is getting big! She can now sit in the Bumbo chair by herself and is quite amused to sit and watch her brother Whalen cater to her.

My good friend Michelle is due at the end of July but will be delivering the first week of July.

Whalen likes playing bubbles with Lily. She sits there while she blows the bubbles and she giggles!

Nana's new 'toy' Whalen can only send the plane in one direction using the arm controls so he tends to go in circles! Whalen had a sleepover here last night and another one tonight. Lily loves playing with Whalen!

Thursday 3 p.m.

Thursday 5 p.m.

The hair- in -the- ponytail look was beginning to drive me crazy! Sure it was great hair but all it was was hair and no style. I'm loving my curls!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Great news! Liz announced this week that she is expecting her fifth child this November! This will be the 8th grandchild for my parent. I'm hoping to be able to keep up the pregnant shots for next eight months! Congrats to Liz and family!

Elizabeth Valyi at 2 months pregnant with either Peter or Sarah :-)

Connie and almost four month old Cora.

The kids enjoying themselves at the park; Johnny, and David to the left of the stroller, Lily and Cora in the stroller, and Katie and Whalen to the right.

It was a beautiful day on Friday! Enough so that Lily and I met Connie at the drop in centre at 11 a.m. and walked from noon to five when we met up with Liz's kids for some fun time at the park!

David fell and hurt his hand ~ his big brother Johnny is fixing it for him.

David from Lily's perspective ~ the three year old is huge!

After Johnny lovingly applied David's bandage, David takes it off so that he and Whalen can examine its contents!

Katie claims that soon to be 8 month old Lily is too heavy for her to carry!

Here 9 year old Johnny is pointing out to Connie that he is 5 feet and 3/4 inches tall. Yikes!

Johnny is a great kid! Here he is just enjoying the sun!

Spittachine crew! Cora (almost four months), Whalen at 2 1/2 years and Connie. If you ask her how old she is, she'll think for a moment, then say '26?' She will in fact be 28 this October :-)

Katie at 7 1/2 years old is loving having girl cousins to hang out. She is hoping her Mom has a little girl!
En route to his shift, Great-Uncle Scott stopped in to hang out with Lily.

Karen and Greg are the perfect hosts! Thank you again for having us for the healthy lunch and the divine dinner on Sunday!

Anna thought that chocolate and marshmallows were a perfect pair!

Greg, Pamela and Wendy enjoying the chocolate fountain!

When Karen puts on a spread, she goes all out! We LOVED (Pamela especially!) the chocolate fountain!

Anna is enjoying her mid-day snack!
Wendy, James and 2 1/2 year old Anna. Anna is a great little girl who is so much fun to be around! Her parents are coo too! :-) For those who thinks Wendy looks familiar, she is the friend that married Mike and I.

Lily is loving her new toy! It's a box where one puts the shape into the box lid. She enjoys chewing on the shapes. Thus far, she gets pretty close to putting the circle in the correct slot!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What a great week! It started with brunch at Stéphanie and Robin's on Saturday. Mike was raised in Craven, Saskatchewan. There are a few of his classmates from his high school, Luther College that live in Toronto so we got together! Then early this week Szala Childcare was in full force as we had Whalen yesterday and Liz's kids today. Lily loves being around her cousins. Who wouldn't love being catered to!

Luther College Grads of 1998 or is that 2024?! Darren Smart, Adam McNair in the back and Mike & Lily Szala with Stéphanie Backman in the front.

Stéph is hanging out with Lily. Lily is loving the hat that Robin and Stéph gave her.

Stéphanie fell in love with our Lily :-)

Whalen was showing me how clean his hands were after his apple and PB snack. Lily and I watched him yesterday afternoon as Connie and Cora had an appointment.

Szala family shot on St. Patrick's Day.

Mom is known for her dining room table themed decor. At Easter she brings out her 'Easter Tree' Here is Donald and Whalen pointing out all of its glory.

Man, I hope I look as good at 50 as my Mom does! Here is Mom holding Cora. Mom's right arm is healing well since her surgery. She is to return to work sometime next week. It still keeps her up at night, but hopefully she'll soon feel better.

My little brute! She loves to stand on my hip bones and sway to look over my shoulders. She has become a fan of talking. A lot of talking! Jojo claims he understands her ~ I'm glad someone does :-)

When I snapped this photo of Lily and Mike this morning I was struck by how 'old' Lily looked. It's hard for me to think that Lily will be eight months in two weeks. It truly has gone by quickly!

Lily is loving her oat cereal! We'll be moving to foods next week! Look for the updates!

Today while Liz and Katie went to a hair appointment, Mike and I watched Jojo, David and Johnny. Jojo loved being near the 'baby'! Even when she took off his socks!

Cora is enjoying her time in Lily's Bumbo Chair. This chair is designed to support infants as they're learning to sit. The weight capacity is 22 lbs - Lily has 1/2 pound left to enjoy the chair!