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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What a hectic couple of weeks! Now that the school year is winding down, Principals are sorting out what jobs they've got available so I've been going steady putting out job applications all over the place! On a similar note, we found out that Mike got a gig at Guelph for one class that he's very excited about! We also found out that Lily has been accepted into the childcare centre that is 200feet from where I went to school this past year (8 minute walk from home)! This means bye-bye 13 hours of driving a month (that's how long it takes us to drive Lily to her daycare that is south of downtown).

Every since she was little, her tongue would go to the side of her mouth anytime she was thinking.... Before...


Our own little Lily Monkey!

We're counting down the days until this wading pools opens up at the Hippo Park!

Lily got a helmet and LOVES to wear her 'Tigger Helmit"

Lily is helping her Daddy weed...

Lily running towards her Daddy who is weeding in garden to tell him about the balloon in the sky.

Here I am sporting one of my newest necklaces :-) Mike bought these beads for me for Christmas pre-Lily and I just figured I should get some wear out of them.

Lily and I enjoying our first (of many, I'm sure!) craft session together. I showed her how to make a tulip using pipecleaner, egg carton and googly eyes :-) We're very much looking forward to heading up to the lake this weekend - yippeee!! We'll have some photos next week!


Sunday, June 15, 2008

We celebrated Father's Day by heading out to Storybook Gardens with Anthony, Whalen and Cora. We had a lot of fun!
Whalen and the whale :-)

Cora is loving the hat!

Lily enjoying her time!
Mike and Lily are making a run for it!

Whalen LOVED the splash pad!

These kids have some great balance!

Mike is explaining to Lily that the boy peacock is trying to 'get it on' with the girl peacock...

Whalen, Lily and Cora playing in the puddle...

Mike. Lily and the card I made him for Father's Day.
They ARE related!
Lily and her slide!
I like to reward myself with necklaces when I complete goals. This is a red coral design that I've been working on for the same amount of time as my degree in Education!

On Saturday we had a BBQ at the house and invited a few friends over to celebrate graduation. here is Cora counting the pebbles in the park.

I took my rented hood and gown to Victoria Park for some photos with the family!

Professor Smith presenting me with the Helen G. Mitchell Award (a.k.a. the French award) I received this award at the OMLTA conference in April but was recognized at the Awards Ceremony.

Karen and I with our flowers from our families!

This is a photo of Lyle taking a photo of Mike taking a photo of me being hooded during convocation. I received my Bachelor Degree in Education with Distinction on Friday.

Happy Father's Day!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Happy 32nd Birthday, Michael! xoxo

Monday, June 02, 2008

Lily is two months shy of being 2! Today is Lily's 22nd Monthery! It was a great evening out so we just went for a walk and hung out at the park. Enjoy the pictures!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

What a great weekend! Yesterday I facilitated my first Summer Revive! workshop. I had 35 youth that are going to school on Saturdays in June to get their cooperative education (co-op) hours in. They need to do co-op hours for four Saturdays then they have four weeks of on site training - paid! I had curriculum from last year that I spent about 15 hours after work this week to update then I had 7 in class hours yesterday with the teens. I've got about 5 hours of work to do on the curriculum this week then I have the teens next Saturday all the way up to June 21st. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to going back! Since I work on Saturdays until 3 that means I have to cram a lot of family time into Saturday afternoon and Sundays. This afternoon we went for a long family walk to the grocery store that is so not around the corner and listened as Lily identified buses (she lives to see buses! The days I pick her up and take her on the bus with me makes her day!) and then came home and hung out blowing bubbles (if Lily could blow bubbles and eat corn on a bus she'd be in heaven!)

This is a photo of Lily getting back from the walk. Although it was a balmy 16/17 outside Lily INSISTED that she wears 'GrandmaGrandma's" hat. Mike's grandmother (Grandmama) made them for Lily and she loves to wear the matching hat and sweater.

This is the result of someone's botched efforts to cut the bike cord that we used to lock up the bikes. Mike's theory was that since they were so close perhaps they were just trying to send us a message. We've since bought another bike lock.

Lily enjoys eating her Daddy's homemade calzones! (a pizza folded then cooked in half)

Lily is getting to learn how to regulate the breaths when she attempts to blow bubbles. She was successful in this picture - the bubble is the kidney shaped thing near the bottom of the photo!

Lily so does not enjoy it when i try to get a photo of the two of us :-)

I'm trying to get an arty photo of Lily blowing bubbles by using a bubble blower as a frame :-)

Our awesome kid - Lily!

'Cheese Mama' :-)

'Daddy's turn' Lily is all about equal opportunity :-)

It's hard to believe that only two months ago Lily was living with the shame of having a mullet!

Lily is so her father's daughter! She loves to garden and is getting rather good at evenly distributing the water amongst the flowers.

Enjoy your week! PPS