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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tonight we had a treat and ate wings from Ring-a-Wing. Lily took the opportunity to eat her wing like an ice cream :-) After dinner we played at the park and blew bubbles. Tonight was the first time Lily said her last name, Szala - which is no small feat! I wrote Szala on a ball we were taking outside to the park and she asked 'what doin'?" and I told her I was writing our last name on the ball and I said 'Szala' and she repeated it! So I got her on video saying her last name for the second time in her life! It's really neat to hear this soon to be 22 month old say her first and last name with such accuracy :-) PPS

Lily is getting set to run after the bubbles! It was about 24 degrees Celsius here today!

Our #1 Kid :-)

Lily hanging out on the whale at our park outside our front door.
My ice cream!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

What a great week!
Here is Lily's famous 'Grr' sound and hand gestures that she does when she wants to 'scare' us. It truly is adorable :-)

This past week Campus Police came to our neighbourhood for a BBQ and to register the kids' bikes. They brought the cruiser. Here is a picture of Kyle and Lily in the back of the police car!

This is the park right beside our community garden. So while Mike is weeding, Lily an I will likely be hanging out at this splashpad! Here is the garden that we share with Leeat's family. Thus far it's looking really good. So far Leeat's house has done the majority of the work, but with weeding coming up, we'll all pitch in! Mike is SOOOOO looking forward to being able to continue on the Szala tradition of making homemade salsa.
Here is a picture of Lily 'helping' Mike with our side flowerbed in our backyard.
Here is a view of our backyard complete with the patio set Mike bought me for Mother's Day/graduation :-)

Today we were blessed with BEAUTIFUL weather! Kyle and Rebecca came over and spent an hour blowing bubbles with Lily!

Kyle is so pleased with himself!

Rebecca is showing off her bubble :-)

Lily is desperately truly to replicate the efforts of her cousins, with no success!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What a fantastic long weekend! We started off our 1,639 km road trip driving from London to Oshawa on Friday to have dinner with Karen. Then we drove the four hours from Oshawa to Ottawa to stay at Mamo Jeanne's and Donald's (they had gone camping but still found time to leave us chocolates on our pillows!) house. On Saturday morning we visited Parliament Hill, the hub of our national parliament in Ottawa. Lily loved walking around and looking at EVERYTHING! Then we drove the two hours from Ottawa to La Chute to check into our hotel before the wedding. We were on a budget so we stayed a budget place and got our budget worth out of it! It was the first hotel where I was nervous of the carpet and its inhabitants! However the fabulous wedding of Dean and Kelsey made the trip toLaChute well worth it! Dean and I have been friends for a dozen years having met in our first year of University. Dean is my frosh week story - I had to call his parents to come and get him after he was found table dancing :-) This is a far cry from the Dr. Dean that married a terrific Kelsey this weekend!
On Sunday we left LaChute and drove the 2 hours to Val des Monts to visit with our friends Krista and Ader. We played lots of Settlers, had LOTS to drink, great food and awesome company. And let's not forget the view!!!
Monday, after a quick trip to Costco so that Mike could buy his cheap beer :-) we headed home leaving time to drop in to see Karen back in Oshawa for another game of Settlers. Lily is a super traveler and enjoyed the visiting as well as seeing all of the buses! PPS

I wonder if this is an indication of what is in her future?!

Mike and Lily sitting in front of the Eternal Flame with the Parliament buildings in the back.

Lily LOVES horses. She met Shadow outside of the ParliamentBuildings in Ottawa.
A view from the north side of the Parliament buildings.

Lily really enjoyed circling this bell!

Mike and Lily checking out the scenery.

Daddy, what's that?!

Szala Family on Parliament Hill.

Pamela and Lily

The bride and groom: Kelsey and Dean!

My husband, Michael Szala , in a suit! Mike and Lily are checking out the wedding program.

Szala Family posing on the porch behind Krista & Ader's house. Yes, this is their backyard!

If you look just above Mike's head you can see their house.

Lily really enjoyed being in nature. Enough that she sat still for a moment for me to catch a photo!

Lily LOVES her apple juice. She calls every kind of juice apple juice. For example, Mango Juice is called 'Bingo Apple Juice' by Lily :-) Should have seen us explaining that one to daycare!

Our fantastic hosts, and Settlers Players extraordinaire, Ader & Krista.

Lily is watching her Dadddy fix her Sally doll.

Daddy and Lily are stirring the lake.

Szala family with a disgruntled Lily who just wants to play on the dock.

Lily is pointing out where the mosquito went that she just tortured. "It's down there, Dad-dy'.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lily has become a big fan of corn on the cob! Thus far her largest consumption of corn on the cob is four cobs - at one time. She just loves it! For Mother's Day we were at my Mom's place and were there with all of the nieces and nephews (8 in total) on my side. We all had a sleep over at Nana's! Here is a photo of Liz and her five month old, Sarah.

Here is a photo of Lily enjoying the puddles! She really likes it when she gets a big *splash* - which is rare 'cause she has yet to discover how to jump with both feet - what she does is very similar to a bunny hop :-) Mike is starting Lily's path to hockey already! Lily continues to love the park - swings, slide, climber doesn't matter so long as she is at a park. The photo of Mike holding Lily was taken this morning on her way to daycare. The photo of Lily using the shoehorn (she is her father's daugther!) was also taken this morning. We're off to a wedding in Quebec over the long weekend (yippee!! for Dean and Kelsey!!) so we'll be sure to have great photos next week!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Happy Friday from Lily! We've got awesome plans for my second Mother's Day! My sisters and their families (less their husbands who are working) will be at my Mom's starting tonight where we're going to have a 14 person sleep over, then a Mother's day brunch tomorrow then we're off to my Grandma Pilon's to celebrate her 80th Birthday! Very much looking forward to the weekend! PPS