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Saturday, September 29, 2007

This morning we went on a two hour walk along the parade route of the Western Homecoming! Lily LOVED the marching band! She'd clap along with them and bop to their music! You can tell they really liked her dedication to their tunes :-)

Tonight we had to pull out the 24 month clothing as Lily no longer fits into her 18 month size stuff! She'll be 14 months on Tuesday!

I'm sending Mike over to David's tonight to play video games so that I can get to work on three projects due in the VERY near future!


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hanging out in London..... Lily is LOVING walking! The funniest part is watching her take corners! It's a riot! She'll get up from a sitting position or launch from sitting on a chair or the stairs. Either way, she has mastered walking on flat surfaces. The playground with its rocks still messes her up a bit, but all in all, she's doing really well. We went to our local Farmer's Market this past weekend where Lily discovered pumpkin tarts! Callie the kitten (Mom and Lyle's cat) is with us until they build their own house. She is a very relaxed cat but can't handle fresh cut flowers. She jumps onto the table and tears the flowers from the vase! Mental note, no more fresh flowers! One of the best parts of being in London is htat we live right across the street from Rebecca and Kyle so we get to see them often! School is going well for Mike and I. Life is good :-) PPS

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lily took 15 (!) consecutive steps tonight! She went straight across the kitchen to her Daddy! She is growing up quickly!

This photo is of my niece Katie helping Lily walk this past weekend. Soon, Lily will be walking solo!


Monday, September 17, 2007

What a week! Last week Lily, Mike and I went to a 'Coffee House' put on by the faculty to allow some artistic and musically inclined folks to entertain those of us who lack said skills! Lily enjoyed walking along the hallways, the school library and jiving to the music!

This past weekend we up to Angus to celebrate my parents' birthdays (they're both born on Sept 19th) and Whalen (our nephew)'s third birthday. His theme was a firetruck. So we went to a firehall and got to climb through all of the trucks and use a fire hose and meet Sparky the dog!

This week we're back in the groove of things as school gets well underway for me and Mike's classes have begun!

Hope all is well out there!

Monday, September 10, 2007

A great big thank you to Donna and Drew for driving the five hours to come and visit us in our new home here in London! We had an excellent visit with them despite the lousy weather. The first is a great little photo of nine month old Kaiden.

Here is a photo of Mike and Lily directly out our front door. Behind them you'll see the playground (the reason why we need to keep our living room curtains closed. If they're open and Lily sees the playground there is a lot of grunting - her way of asking to go outside!) Behind Mike's head is David and Leeat's front door. Other than living with them in 1999, this is the closest I've ever lived near them!

During Kaiden's visit with us here in London, he and Lily enjoyed a puppet show (I love puppets for Kids. I think it is a sensational way to encourage imaginative play!)

On Friday night Mike and I went to see Genesis at BMO Field in Toronto. It was a great concert. Our souvenir is proudly displayed on Lily :-)
All in all, life is good! PPS

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Since our last blog, Lily has started Daycare, I've started school, and we've unpacked every room in the house except my craft room! Well, life is hectic. Mike starts teaching next week so he's hard at work getting his class ready. I'm really enjoying my classes and thus far I've been able to keep school at school so that when I'm home, Lily and Mike don't have to share me.

This past weekend we went up north and visited the lot where my parents are building the house. Here it is as of Sept 2nd (when Lily turned 13 months)

We also are excited to report that Lily took her first step this past Monday! She was at the campsite with Nana and decided to walk towards her! It was very exciting. Since then, Lily has decided that EVERYTHING is fair game to climb on or over! I've included some photos of Lily from tonight!

I hope that all is well with each of you. Please feel free to drop a line, however, please be patient as my response time is now reached an all time low! PPS

Mom and Connie standing at the 'front door' of the new house!

Our backyard :-)

Our front yard, with evidence of our constant unpacking!

Lily playing with her wagon in our backyard, tonight.

Looking at the north side of the house. They're hoping to be in a bare bones home for Christmas.

Lily is 'talking' to me :-)

Lily is getting soo big! She loves doors! She loves finding out that she can make things move.

Love her teeth!