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Saturday, March 29, 2008

March has been a great month! Sorry for the delay in posting photos - I've been knee deep in summer job applications and working on my practicum. I'm really enjoying teaching my LifeSkills class. I work with 9 developmental and behavioural students, two Educational Assistants, a service dog and a terrific associate teacher/mentor. The most challenging is the system - the education system has NO IDEA what it takes to educate the students in my class - they're clueless! But my associate teacher is showing me the ropes and it's going really well. It's sad, but two weeks down, only two left to go! Then I have two days off, then my flight to France! However, between now and then I need to get a summer job. Thus far the response has been 'we'd love to hire you, but you're too qualified for a summer job here' ARGH - I'll keep you posted!

Four month old Sarah

Nana and Lily saying the deer are 'all gone'
The deer we saw at Nana's

Lily's first Easter Egg hunt..

Papa and his granddaughters: 15 month old Cora, Four month old Sarah, 8 year old Katie and 19 month old Lily

Lily has discovered chocolate eggs!

My 10 year old nephew - Johnathan

What is this shiny thing....?

The crew during the Easter Egg hunt.

Cora is enthralled!

Two and a half year old Jojo
Four month old Sarah and her Nana

Four year old David wants to show us what he found!

Lily and her Daddy playing with her favourite toys - her farm puppets!

Lily and her Dad singing to French Songs

There are four months between the girls!

Baby Sarah is being loved by her Uncle Mike.
Lily discovered my scarf drawer and has decided she needs accessories for our outing!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ah, I wish you could hear the glee coming from Lily in these photos! She has never used a pacifier, however Cora left hers here at the house during her visit last weekend so Lily took it as fair game. I had Lily on my lap and was saying 'Lily, that's not yours ~ that's the baby's' all the while tickling her and she just giggled and giggled!

This past week we hung out a fair bit at home, but did get a chance to hang out at the Children's Museum with Matt and his son Alex.

And, yes I got a hair cut :-)


Sigh... last night of March Break! I start my four week practicum teaching a Life Skills class at a local high school here in London. Fun group of students to be working with! Tonight I made a necklace to celebrate my March Break and to help me get ready for the road ahead...

Before.. In the midst of designing the necklace...



Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March Break! The first photo is the ocean of people who took the exam with me on Friday! School is done ~ until I start teaching on Monday!

Nana and Lily...

Cora at the Children's Museum while she's decorating a cookie...

Whalen talking to Tucker at the Sugar Shack...

Lily, Cora and Whalen on our walk at the Sugar Bush..

Connie showing Whalen how it all works...

Lily doing a tour...

Lily loves her horses!

Me, Lily, Whalen, Cora and Connie on our wagon ride...

I asked Whalen what he was doing and he said 'Having fun!'

Our view during our second horse ride...

Cora, Connie and Lily loving the sunshine...

Whalen is Loving riding shotgun!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy March Break! Yippee!! Mom came down on Friday and stayed the weekend. Connie, Cora and Whalen arrived on Friday and leave tomorrow. The 30cm of snow we got over the weekend kept us from going too far so the kids spent about four hours in the snow on Saturday! Last night we went to a local pool that is shaped like a whale and has a three story waterslide! This morning we went to the Children's Museum! Lots of fun so far! Hmmm... is not letting me add more photos - I will attempt to do more this afternoon. PPS

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Happy March 2nd! Lily turned 19 months today! Just a few photos uploads tonight as I've got five more sleeps until the theoretical part of my studies are complete and I move onto my four week practicum. With the light at the end of the tunnel comes two exams, two projects and one presentation due this week :-) Next week is March Break so likely more time for photos! We've had fun this week. Lily lets us put pigtails in her hair. The funny part is that her hair is so fine that we need to use four elastics :-)