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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Happy September 1st!

Sorry for the delay - life got busy! We moved, Mike had his surgery, I had a baby and now we can relax!

Jeremy Cooper Dean Szala arrived 15 days early on Wednesday August 12th at 20h06 weighing 9 pounds 5 oz. He is now nearly three weeks old. Lily is enjoying being a big sister and likes telling us when 'Jeremy' wants chocolate ice cream :-)

Mike is fully recovered from his surgery to correct his sleep apnea and we'll know in three weeks time how successful it was. Thus far, Mike is happy with the results.

As of today, I am a full time employee of the Thames Valley District School Board - on maternity leave until next August. Yippee!

Hope you enjoy the pictures. Blogger is actually not being very helpful, so it looks like we're a little short on pictures today, we'll try again later.