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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lily can now crawl! She has been mobile for about six weeks now, using her legs in an upright position to scootch around, but now she gets on all fours and she crawls! Added to this new skill is her ability to pull herself up on the coffee table, chairs, etc! Look out world, here comes Lily! PPS

Sunday, May 27, 2007

What an excellent weekend!
We enjoyed a trip down to the southwestern part of Ontario to attend a wedding in Beamsville of our close friends Teri & Kevin. It was a wonderful wedding and a great get-away! As it was an adult wedding (yippee) Nana came with us to babysit Lily at the hotel. As a family before the wedding we visited the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington. Mom and I visited the Lilac Festival while Mike and Lily enjoyed the birds!

During this time Lily broke out in an allergy induced rash that was quite impressive! I think it was a reaction to strawberries (she had some in the yogurt I was eating) as that was the only new thing introduced in her diet. She has also decided the ween herself off of 'baby food/pureed foods'. She will now only eat finger food! My baby is growing up too fast!!!

Teri and Kevin wed at Peninsula Ridge Winery Estate ( and it was beautiful! Between the ceremony and the diner we enjoyed a wine tour complete with wine tasting - it was excellent! It was made extraordinary as we were able to enjoy the company of my best friend Leeat and her husband David (yes, Kyle and Rebecca's parents :-)

We'd like to congratulate Teri and Kevin (a.k.a. Keri) on their nuptials and wish them safe travels on their honeymoon to Argentina!

The last two photos represent the work that we're doing on the interior of the house. My parents are looking to sell in the near future and we're just getting it ready!

Have a fun week!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I don't know about you out there, but us here in Beeton are experiencing some pretty spectacular days. Yesterday Lily and I spent the afternoon with our Ontario cousins! We've got some great photos from it. Liz is standing proud as she is currently four months pregnant. David decided that he wasn't going to stand still while I took a photo, so he gave me an action shot.
I'm sitting with David and Whalen in one photo, in another its just the girls; the three of us with our daughters, 7 year old Katie, 9 month old Lily and 5 month old Cora.

We have some individual shots of Johnny, Katie, and Cora. There are also some fun shots of Lily showing off her new 'using-fingers-to-walk' routine :-)

At the bottom there are three photos from today. Mike and I hadn't planned on being in Beeton for the summer so we only have winter clothes here so we went to our storage unit to hunt down some non-maternity summer clothes for me. My brother-in-law Chris is getting married to Dana on June 30th and I've offered to make the necklaces for the ladies. I'm sporting two samples that I've done up. Well, Lily is off to bed and the house if cool enough I might be able to get to sleep.

Hope you're all having fun :-)



Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Now that Cora is fast approaching six months, she is beginning to display a great little personality! Here are some photos taken after Connie and Cora danced around the clubhouse!

What a fantastic long weekend! Miia and Chris have spent the past 11 months on an amazing adventure that took them from Canada across the pond to incredible places in Europe, Asia and Africa! They returned to Canada this past week and we were honoured to have spent time with them this weekend at the Lake listening to their tales. Here are some pictures!

The first is Lily and Miia in the kitchen with Miia teaching Lily the finer aspects of plastic and metal acoustics. We spent a fair bit of time catching up while hanging out in the back yard. I really like the side profile of Mike :-) The next photo is of me with Lily. Miia showed us this great technique to lugging around our 24 pounder without having to use both arms - VERY practical! There's a great shot of Anthony planting one on Connie :-) Miia had a very special talent of pacifying Cora so she was blessed with many Cora holdings! There is a less than flattering photo of myself holding Lily in the tent. She did really well so long as she was in bed with Mike and I. Regardless of how many layers we put on her, she just wasn't warm enough. Which isn't surprising since it went down to four degrees on Saturday night!
When I asked Whalen what he was doing with his bus, he replied "I'm riding the school bus"! I'm notorious for self-portraits with Lily (one needs to be when their husband is allergic to taking photos) so one of the photos is an artsy fartsy attempt.

En route back to Beeton on Monday, we stopped by my Aunt Heather's place. My cousins Hana and Blair are active kids and have a trampoline and pool in the back yard. As this is the beginning of the season, they needed to fill the pool with water. So the Town of Markdale brought out their pumper and filled the pool with water - I love small towns! Whalen was in his glory that he got to get so close to the fire truck! Aunt Heather's cat had Kittens so Chris was in his glory!

My favourite part about our drive up north is the spectacular view of the wind turbines just outside of Shelburne. I think it is a beautiful testament to the initiatives to find other types of power.

Once back at home, Lily and Chris spent some time playing with her toys and I tried to get a group shot of Lily, Miia and Chris but was slowed down with Miia's unintentional 'drop' of the baby. However, we did prevail and have a group photo :-)

One of the final photos is Lily having dinner. I felt it appropriate to have a photo of our Lily at the final stages of her first long weekend of the summer. She was so tired that it took a good 40 minutes to feed her and then she fell asleep! I had to wake her to rid her of the spinach and she was only half awake for her bath. She went to be an hour early, slept six hours, fed then slept another four hours!

Hope each of you had a great long weekend! Please feel free to send us an email to let us know what you're up to! PPS