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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sorry for the long delay in getting some photos up! I've got two weeks left of classes, then March break, then four weeks of teaching at Montcalm, then three days off then two and a half weeks in France (!) then back home on May 5th to do something for a summer job! It's been hectic but in between school work, tests and assignments we've had some fun! Mom and Lyle came down last weekend to hang out with us. We went out for brunch at a great place called 'Cora's' then we went to the London Farmer's Market. We had a lot of fun! I love the photo of Lily's hand as it shows her itty bitty dimples :-) Lily loves to get dressed. Whether it is with her own clothes, her Dad's boots or my mitts, everything goes!

Lily loves to read her books and to play with puzzles. One of her greatest toys is a book that has puzzle type pieces! I find it so odd that Lily has such poker-straight thin hair considering mine is think and curly! Even brushing up against something, the static will take control of Lily's hair! Mike's grandma Wolfe knitted Lily a beautiful hat, mitt, booties and sweater set. Immediately Lily set about getting herself dressed!

We did a road trip to Newmarket on Friday to visit with Patricia and Ruddy. Lily saw Patricia at Christmas when she was home from France but hadn't seen Ruddy since she was 13 days old :-) She immediately warmed up to him and had him playing puzzles and reading books in no time! Yesterday we went to Ava's 1st birthday at the London Children's Museum. Ava is my school friend Karen's daughter. It's great that I'm such good friends with a woman who is in a similar situation that I'm in - balancing life, motherhood and full time studies! Yeah, it's been a balancing act! However, only two short weeks to go (two exams, two presentations and three assignments) and it's March Break! Hope you've enjoyed the photos! PPS

Monday, February 11, 2008

Good day! Lily's rash is clearing up quickly and she is definately on the mend! I've got some photos from this past week to share....

Last weekend we visited Connie, Whalen, Cora, Anthony and their bearded Lizard Dippy. On Sunday we visited Nana and Papa. While at Nana's Mike and Lily went tobogganing and enjoyed themselves!

Lily LOVES shoes - mine, hers and her Daddy's big boots!

The lovely photo of Mike and I is from the 80s night at the campus pub in celebration of the upcoming production of FAME at school. It was a riot and Mike and his dancing was a HIT!!! Enjoy your week! PPS

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Please don't fret - at least that what the Drs at the hospital told us yesterday when we took Lily in to get her *rash* checked out. We're told that it is a simple case of a viral rash. It is Lily's reaction to having a viral infection, like her cold. Her temperament hasn't changed one bit and she is in great humour. She hasn't scratched at all to indicate she's itchy. It really does look worse then it is. In the past 30 hours the redness has gone down significantly and the rash is now down to red blotches. She missed swimming this morning, we just didn't feel like trying to explain to the oodles of other parents that she isn't contagious and that their kids would be fine. She did however make it to Owen's 2nd birthday party with her Dad while I finished my Standard First Aid training. I figured it would be a good thing to have as a teacher.
On the teacher front, I have an interview tomorrow with a School Board south west of London. I'll let you know how it goes :-) PPS