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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More congrats! My cousin Amanda delivered a baby girl today- Brooke Marie weighed 10lbs. Baby and Mom are doing well!

The first photo where it looks like Lily is puckering was taken last night as Nana taught Lily how to give kisses - I don't know which is more adorable the look on her face as she is giving kisses - or the sound she makes when she succeeds!

We had a great day today as we met my sister Elizabeth and her four kids (Johnny -9, Katie -7, David - 3 and Joey/Jojo - 18 months) at the local Ontario Early Years Centre (a place where parents and kids can go and play). Today was Cercle avec Hélène so we did songs, stories and crafts en français! C'étiat amusant! Afterwards, we went back to Liz's place for some lunch and more play. Lily loves spending time with her cousins! PPS

Monday, January 29, 2007

Congratulations out to my cousin Allison and her husband Bob as they welcome their third child, Rian Nicole weighing in at 6lbs 8oz (little baby wearing the yellow cap) on January 26th! Rian joins her 8 year old sister Taylor Grace and three year old brother Logan James!

A great big Happy Birthday goes out to our favourite Kyle as he turns 7 today!

Lily had an exciting week as she got in a lot of visiting! My girlfriend Donna came over with her 10 week old son Kaiden (pictured here with Lily -he's weighing the cute tigger outfit). We got some great visiting in with 8 week old Cora (sleeping on Nana's knee) and the very cool looking Whalen (he's discovered hair gel!)

Our new kitten Callie has come out of the shadows and enjoys playing in the tropical forest in the front window. Lily is a big fan of the saucer as she has all of her favourite toes at her finger tips and she gets to sit up all the time! She is also a fan of plastic bottles! I'll have a bottle of water on the go and she loves to hold it and feel the water slosh around! Lily is also a fan of hanging outside with her cousin Whalen and Donald! This past weekend we went bowling - Lily and Cora slept through much of it! Which is a good thing as Mom slaughtered us! Gotta go as it is feeding time PPS.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hi there :-)

The top photo of Lily 'attacking' Mike was taken this afternoon. I love that he works from home/library and therefore gets to spend LOTS of time with Lily and I. I know we're a stronger family because of it.

Here are some photos of Lily from this past weekend. Lily has really taken to eating her feet. It's funny but I don't ever recall being able to bend that way!!
We spent this past weekend hanging out with my younger sister Connie and her family (husband Anthony, 11 year old brother-in-law Donald, 2 year old son Whalen and 7 week old daughter Cora). We went skating and enjoyed some great company at their place. It was Whalen's first time on the ice! On Sunday, Mike, Lily and I went skating together. I failed to get a photo of that as I was too busy fretting about Mike holding Lily while on the ice! Happy to report no casualties!

If I could title the photo of Lily 'holding' Cora's hand it would be "I'll show you how to bust out of here". :-)

We also experienced a tragedy as a neighbour of theirs collapsed and we went to his aid but it was in vain as he passed. It's saddening to think of the CPR training one takes and how very little relevance it has during a real life situation. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Paul's family.

May each of you have a good week filled with laughter, love and good times! PPS

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Three cheers for Lily! On January 17th at 10:45 p.m. Lily rolled from her back onto her front! A great big thank you goes out to Grandma Szala for the marathon of training that she provided Lily while we were out there visiting :-) The photo of Lily looking oh-so-proud (with the white wolf stuffed animal) was taken within moments of her accomplishment! Other photos include our visit with my good friend Donna and her two month old son, Kaiden (Lily is with him in the photo with the two of them on a couch, Kaiden is wearing a blue sleeper). It is also at Donna's that Lily thought that she'd show off her new desire to snack on her toes! The photo of Lily with Scout shows that Lily is gradually catching up to him! The little kitten shown with Scout is Callie, the newest addition to 7 Thomas Street. A real treat for you is a photo of an UNhappy Lily - that's right - it's rare but it does happen that our sweetheart gets cranky! The photo of Lily in the saucer looking rather miffed was taken this afternoon while I was updating the blog! Well, it's now well past midnight and I must get some sleep. I'm excited that with the advances in technology we're able to share the adventures of Lily with those are are close to our hearts yet far from our presence. PPS

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hello! Hope you enjoy the photos! They are a mix from our trip out west and then our past weekend. The photos of us in the brightly coloured store are from Rebecca's(our God Daughter) fourth birthday party. It took place at a build-a-bear. Lily built Mlle Grenouille! We had a lot of fun! Rebecca is pictured with her pink Kitty. We got to visit with Krista too! The cat with its face in the cup is Zoe - Kyle and Rebecca's kitty. There is also a photo of Lily, Papa and six week old Cora all hanging out on Papa's chair. Since being home Lily is quite enjoying some personal time either in her chair or in the Tigger Jolly Jumper!
When we were out west we spent the day before departure visiting with some of Mike's Great Aunts. We visited with Auntie Clara (black shirt), Auntie Alma (patterned shirt) and Aunt Marge (blue shirt). We enjoyed our visits. We also have some photos of Lily with her 8 month old cousin Olyvia. We've also got a great photo of Jen (blue shirt, Mike's sister, Olyvia's Mom) and Olyvia. I'd love to sit and write more, but Lily is requesting my attention! Cheers, Pamela